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Featuring Brian Mazzaferri (of I Fight Dragons)


I whipe the sleep right outta my eyes
Gotta catch that morning train
Take a sip off my bodega coffee.

The good people shuffle into the rain
But roaches scuffle in
eat the heart
so the head won't start
Once hare beat the tortuous, he
got the rigor mortis

I live right American way
take pride in the things I do that every day
that's why I spend all of it working for someone else

Senior photo copier me
Golly gee
Am I glad I am
the director of general sadness

Take me down.
Take me down,
Mr. Freedom.

How can we live like this?
I am a great man,
but I am a lazy man.
In a world where slavery exists?
I am a strong man,
but I am more than a little bit vulnerable
to the weight of a world of a false impression
to the words of a girl with a bad suggestion

let it go,
let it go,
let is all blow over
'til your life
'til your life
'til your life
is over.

Sink deep in a whiskey and coke.
Take an Adderall, focus and hope.

Keep buckling down
'til the buckle snaps
Boot-straps coming around.

I got that big old college degree
I'm all like "LOL"
I broke your copier machine.

I'se here last night 'til a quarter to ten.
while I fucked your niece Noel.
When a man works overtime he
makes his own vacation.
I hate your generation

Fuck your life, how it makes me feel.
Bitch, Baby, I'm the streets, and I keeps it real.
That's why I delete all your emails while you're away.

Gonna reach up high
pull you down
make you bust your ass
so you can have a taste of the underclass.

Not so free anymore,
Mr. Freedom

If it ain't broke don't fix it if they tell you it's broke then it probably ain't cause they make a lot of
money when they fix it. You got to mix it up and get tough to the beat of a different--snuff the
old masters in with the new. Every single one of them you, you, and you. This ain't a test
god bless the mess and just get up. Get the fuck up from your desk.

I am a good man, but I am an angry man
I am a smart man, but I am more than a little goddamn confused.

Sink deep in a pizza and coke,
you play your Warcraft, focus and hope.


from Ultimate Songs From The Pit, released November 6, 2011
Music by Shael Riley and Ty Guenly
Lyrics by Shael Riley


all rights reserved



Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire Mexico, New York

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