As you are her white knight
I'll be your black
the president's blessing
is never coming back
I drank all the Stoli all I
got are shots of Jack
I lied to you. About that.
I need every edge

I'm not a shadow of
my former self
Drink psycho hard tonight.

you'll never change the game
so hate the player
Show me your haterade

I'm not a shadow of myself
haters unite.

I opened a capsule
Inside I crept.

Everybody I ever met got
married while I slept

I stare at this brickhouse Chinese girl
down at the Burger Fresh
It sucks to have
no game.
No one loves a fat kid.

Tonight we will rain hell upon the sons of bosses
With righteousness and spite
They'll find out what it means to take some losses
Awesome sauce is what it's all about
no doubt
no doubt
Show me your haterade, yo.

Light up a candle.
It turns into day.
Success is just a smile over substance

You shadows of
your former selves,
it's all gon' be

We'll never change the game
But I know we can shut this shit down
show me your haterade.

I'm not a shadow of myself
haters unite.


from Ultimate Songs From The Pit, released November 6, 2011
Music by Shael Riley and Ty Guenly
Lyrics by Shael Riley



all rights reserved


Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire Mexico, New York

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